This Pillow Prevents Your Arm From Going Numb While Spooning

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Cuddle-bugs of the world, rejoice! Whether you’re the “big spoon” or the little one, The Coodle looks pretty good for your next snuggle sesh.

Shaped like a tiny, foam-covered tunnel, the Coodle pillow is designed so the big spoon can cuddle in comfort — that person’s arm goes underneath and through the domed tunnel, while the little-spoon-person’s head rests on top.

See how it works in these images from a Coodle Instagram post:

This way, both parties snuggle comfortably, especially Big Spoon, whose arm usually gets squished by Little Spoon’s happy head.

The Coodle slogan puts it bluntly: “It keeps your arm from falling asleep.”

The Coodle works for solo sleepers as well, if you’re a person who uses your bicep as a pillow sometimes. I do, and the idea of the Coodle inspires happy thoughts of Netflix-bingeing on a gloomy afternoon.

One woman in a promotional photo on the Coodle site plunked hers on a dining-room table and went in for a snooze sitting up. This is an advanced napping technique, and the Coodle provides the proper equipment:

The Coodle Pillow

The story behind the Coodle is pretty cute: According to the website, a guy named Bob designed the pillow years ago after watching TV with his girlfriend, Shirley. He fashioned the first Coodle at home and secured a patent. They sold subsequent Coodles at a local swap meet to pay for their wedding. Now that their kids are grown, Bob and Shirley are back in the biz.

Cuddly comfort must be in the air lately. Following in the slippered footsteps of the Snuggie, “union suits” for adults are in vogue. If you’re feeling spendy, there’s a whole Cuddle Mattress available for north of $1,000. And then there’s the classic Boyfriend Pillow which might be meant as a gag gift, but it looks seriously comfy.

There is a bit of bad news, especially for last-minute Valentine’s Day buyers: The Coodle is currently sold out, but it’ll be available again on Feb. 24. It is available to pre-order for $65 on Amazon.