You Can Now Buy Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Creme-Filled Cereal

If you like dessert for breakfast, or you’re simply a fan of starting your day with a dose of sugar to get you moving, there is no shortage of ways to get your fix. From Sour Patch Kids to Honey Buns and Donettes and even Drumstick cereal, you’d think there couldn’t possibly be anything left to make, right? Think again.

Now in select stores and launching in more locations this fall for around $3.98 per box, General Mills is introducing a brand new cereal called Fillows, which they say is “the only cereal to deliver a crunchy shell with a burst of crème filling in every bite.”

You’ll find Fillows in two flavors: Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Crème and Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll. While cookies and creme is a flavor that’s definitely a stretch when it comes to breakfast, I can totally get behind cinnamon rolls.

General Mills

This may be a different cereal, with a crunchy shell with creme inside, but Hershey’s has had a version of Cookies ‘n’ Crème before, though it appears to have been discontinued. You can still find Cinnabon cereal, however, so you have plenty of ways to get your cinnamon roll fix in the morning.


Regardless, you can’t beat actual cinnamon rolls, so if you have time in the morning, you might want to whip up some of those instead. Or, for an extra special treat, take a look at these cinnamon roll waffles. All you need is Pillsbury refrigerated cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing, powdered sugar, milk and vanilla. Oh, and of course you’ll also need an excellent waffle maker.

To make the cinnamon roll waffles, just press the cinnamon roll dough into the waffle maker and use the other ingredients to make some icing. That’s it — breakfast is served!


Will you try the new Fillows cereal? Which flavor sounds best to you?