Pillsbury Debuts Cinnamon Sugar Churro Bites

Pillsbury is both the greatest company in the world and the worst. It’s great because absolutely every single one of their products is delicious and perfect. It’s the worst because absolutely every single one of their products is awful for you. And their latest offering is no different. Introducing: mini churro bites.

Instead of having to go to a Disney park, a state fair or Mexico to get our hands on some deliciously sugary, cinnamon bites of greasy churro, now you can just visit the freezer aisle. According to the Pillsbury press release, each package will include 20 churro bites that you can bake in the oven… or just stick in the microwave if you’re feeling really desperate. They’re also releasing a one-pound (!!!) club pack at wholesale stores just in time for Cinco De Mayo.

Pillsbury Churro Bites (PRNewsfoto/J&J Snack Foods Corp.)
J&J Snack Foods

But holiday or not, these treats will be an obvious addition to your arsenal of snack foods. Plus, they’re easily customizable—think pairings with chocolate, coffee or even ice cream. They’re so easy to make, you might find yourself eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe not the healthiest choice in the world, but we understand.

They can even turn into an easy entertaining opportunity—a DIY churro party! Just set out bowls of the mini churros and an array of toppings. Your guests can ooh and ahh over the gorgeous spread while you can sit back and revel in just how little work you put in to create the perfect party.

Although the press release says the bites have already been released, we have yet to see them in the freezer aisle at the grocery store. So keep your eyes peeled, and let us know if you spot them! And if you could save us a box, we’d be eternally grateful. We have a feeling these are going to sell out quickly.