Pilot Diverts Flight To Save Dog In Cargo Area From Freezing

An Air Canada pilot diverted a Toronto bound flight (from Tel Aviv) when he realized that the heating unit in the cargo area had malfunctioned and was not working, City News reported

And he noticed just in time, as he was about the cross the Atlantic Ocean, where temperatures significantly plummet over the water (about negative 50 to 60 degrees at the plane’s altitude).

Responsible for all lives on the plane, including more than just humans, the pilot made a rather expensive, yet touching decision: to divert the flight. This added about 75 minutes to the trip and approximately $10,000 in fuel to land the plane in Frankfurt, Germany, all in an effort to keep 7 year old french-bulldog, Simba, safe and sound.

As a dog owner, this completely touches my heart. After hearing the horrifying stories of animals being mistreated in transit, it’s great to see that people still do care.

Photo by Aero Icarus