Disney’s New Cotton Candy Is Glittery And Shaped Like An Actual Pineapple

There are plenty of reasons to flock to Disney parks and one of them is the iconic treat known as the Dole whip. It’s a non-dairy pineapple-flavored soft serve, which can be enjoyed either in a cup or as a pineapple float. Dole whip has been hugely popular since it debuted in 1968.

Last year, pineapple fans got even luckier when the parks debuted a fluffy, yellow pineapple cotton candy as another variation on the summery treat. (It’s not officially affiliated with Dole, though — that’s why it’s just called pineapple cotton candy!)

Now the fruity floss has a festive new look: For $8 apiece, Downtown Disney’s Cotton Candy Creations at Disneyland is selling a new, pineapple-sized cotton candy and it’s one of the most remarkable desserts you will ever see.

Disneyland didn’t spare any detail when it came to upgrading the already-awesome cotton candy. First, the new sweet treat sparkles as if Tinker Bell herself flew by and left (edible!) golden pixie dust behind.

It also has a criss-cross pattern pressed into the sides to mirror a real pineapple’s thick skin. Like a tropical cocktail, it also includes a mini umbrella and green pineapple leaves top it all off.

One lucky visitor described the Instagram-worthy treat as an “experience”:


It looks like there’s even more of this cotton candy to love than the original. The fluffy spun sugar servings are ginormous! This fan photo shows the cotton candy is bigger than her head:


If you want to get your fill, you’ll need to plan your visit accordingly. The new pineapple cotton candy is only available in the afternoons. On weekdays you can find it after 4:00 p.m and on weekends after 2:00 p.m.

This is one more delightful way Dole whip fans can satisfy their pineapple cravings. Disney hospitality has hit a new (sugar) high!