Pink ceramic Christmas trees are a pretty Valentine’s Day decor trend

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You might think ceramic trees are reserved solely for the Christmas season, but these days, their vintage appeal is pushing past calendar mandates. After all, these ceramic trees come in a variety of colors other than green.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might consider picking up a pink ceramic tree to add to the loving holiday atmosphere around your home, or to give as a gift to a loved one. As an added bonus, a Valentine’s Day ceramic tree lasts much longer than flowers or candy.

In our search for the best pink ceramic trees, we’ve found a few that stood out in a sweet forest of possibilities. Each one has its own charm and would make anyone’s Valentine’s Day a little more whimsical.

Valentine’s Day PINK Stained Lighted Night Light

This lovely little 7-inch nightlight from the SueSueSueCrafts Etsy shop would be ideal for a child’s bedroom or any little corner that could use a touch of sweetness and love. It sells for $49.21 and comes with pink lights that give off a warm glow.


Large Pink Ceramic Tree

Etsy shop TeresasCeramics has this majestic yet delicate ceramic tree available for $129.99. Standing 16 inches tall, the tree is a soft pink color that reminds us of those little conversation heart candies you can find around Valentine’s Day. The white lights dotting the tree give it a little extra charm.

Sunnyglade 11-inch Ceramic Tree (Rose Gold)

This glossy tree is all about the glamour with its rose gold shimmer. We like that it has a little more of a bling factor compared to other trees. The $19.99 tree is available on Amazon and would make for a standout Valentine’s Day centerpiece.


Mr. Christmas Nostalgic Tree

Don’t let the name throw you off. This Mr. Christmas Nostalgic Tree may say it’s for Christmas, but it would be right at home as a Valentine’s Day centerpiece. The 18-inch tree is $69.99 on Amazon and comes with multicolored LED lights and a lovely star sitting on top.


Will you add a pink tree to your home decor this Valentine’s Day?

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