Pink’s 16-Year-Old Dog Has Passed Away

Losing a pet can be absolutely devastating — something the pop star Pink knows, as she recently had to say goodbye to her dog of 16 years, Frangelica.

On Sept. 30, she took to Instagram to announce the passing of her beloved companion and she shared a sweet photo of herself smooching her pup.

“Goodbye Kiss Frangelica ‘Nanni’ Moore Hart. 2002-2018. Rest in sunshine pretty girl. Thanks for waiting for me to get home,” she wrote.

It seems Frangelica did not pass away until Pink returned home from her world tour, hence her comment about “waiting for me.”

Fans and fellow celebrities alike reached out in the comments to send their condolences to the singer.

It makes total sense that losing Nanni would be really hard on Pink, as research shows that losing a pet can sometimes be more difficult than losing a friend or a relative. Other celebrities have also been candid about the pain of losing their dogs, including Chrissy Teigen, Khloe Kardashian and Bethenny Frankel.

Pink has always loved animals and even has tattoos honoring two of her dogs who have passed away, Sir Corky Moore and Elvis. Back in 2011, the singer paid $5,000 to fund emergency surgery for a puppy who had been abandoned and brutally tossed from an overpass into an L.A. river.

Pink’s love for animals extends beyond canines, too. In 2015, she bared it all for PETA’s Rather Go Naked campaign aimed at boycotting the use of animal fur for clothing.

“I went through a selfish phase and wore fur on a couple of occasions,” she said in a statement at the time. “But I wised up and now boycott fur completely. I wish everyone was forced to learn the horrors that these animals go through for fashion trends.”

We’re sending Pink and her family our deepest condolences as they mourn the loss of this special member of the family.

Pink’s family has been having a bit of a rough few months, as her 20-month-old son Jameson Moon recently came down with hand, foot and mouth disease while she was on tour.

Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, shared a photo of the little one on Instagram and wrote: “Wanna know how glamorous tour can be? Jameson has hand, foot, and mouth; and willow has a 102 temp. Both kids laid up and mama @pink still has to push through and do shows. I had Jameson at breakfast yesterday and this vile woman at the table next to us kept staring at him with a shitty look on her face. I told her it was bed bugs.”

Hart followed the caption with a crying/laughing emoji and the hashtags #NoRestForTheWicked and #LifeInHotels.

At least the pair is finding some humor in the midst of trying to balance work and sick kids. Sometimes all you can do is chuckle, right?

Little Jameson seems to be doing much better now, based on a recent photo the singer posted of him on the beach.