This bright pink fudge is a must-have Valentine’s Day recipe

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a guaranteed win. But if you’re looking to add some pizazz for your sweetie this year, look no further than this perfectly pink fudge recipe from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons.

Diced maraschino cherries add pops of luscious red to the white-chocolate fudge — and a little pink food coloring gives the whole treat an appealing rosy tint.

Kitchen Fun blogger Jill Mills has a few important tips to note: For one thing, those sticky maraschino cherries need plenty of time to dry out after being chopped. Mills shoots for 30 minutes.

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Mills also recommends lining your fudge pan with parchment paper for easy removal after the sweet treat hardens — she recommends chilling overnight, if possible. You can slice the fudge into snackable chunks with a knife warmed in hot tap water and dried before cutting. 

Despite the unusual color, the cherry fudge procedure is pretty standard: Melt some white chocolate chips in butter, sugar, cream and salt, throw in the cherries and let the whole thing cool. There is one secret ingredient, though: Marshmallow cream! Mills adds it in the same step as the white chocolate to give the fudge a little fluff.

Find the whole recipe here.

If you need a little dark chocolate in your desserts (like me), blogger Aimee Shugarman at Shugary Sweets has a cherry fudge recipe that throws a layer of chocolate on top. Dreams come true!

The recipe for the fudge is similar to the Kitchen Fun one, except it uses dried cherries instead of maraschino. A little cherry gelatin helps it set up nicely, too. And then there’s that melted dark chocolate poured on top. So luxurious.

Find the full recipe here on Shugary Sweets.

Both of these recipes look so good, I’m tickled pink. I may have to make a batch before Valentine’s Day — just to test it out, of course!

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