A 5-year-old interviewed Pink—and it’s the cutest Q&A we’ve ever seen

Pink’s not afraid to get candid in interviews. She’s never been shy about sharing her opinions, and she recently opened up about tough times in her marriage and about her daughter being bullied in school.

So it didn’t necessarily take a child to make Pink dish out personal information—but when W magazine gave 5-year-old Madelyn Mannette the chance to interview the pop star it for its “Little W” series, it did make for the cutest Q&A ever.

W magazine has had kids age 7 and younger interview stars such as Katy Perry and Pharrell. The result is interviews that touch on a little bit of everything and are completely sweet to watch.

You’re not going to hear most reporters ask Pink what her favorite food is, for example, but that’s what makes pint-sized reporters so great. In Pink’s interview, we also learn why she named herself “Pink” and which is her favorite tattoo.

pink tattoo photo
Getty Images | Frederick M. Brown

All in all, it’s quite telling, so you’ll definitely want to tune in:

Right out of the gate, little Madelyn asks, “Why is your name Pink?” The singer responds, “Because when I get embarrassed my cheeks blush, and they turn pink.”

This proves that Pink has been owning her flaws for quite some time. And the fact that the story behind Pink’s famous name was brought to light by a 5-year-old? Impressive!

And while it’s not touched on in this interview, if you heard Pink’s VMAs speech, then you know that she’s teaching her daughter to embrace what makes her different, too.

“So, baby girl,” she said during her acceptance speech. “We don’t change. We take the gravel and the shell and we make a pearl.”

In her interview with Madelyn, the singer also talks about her favorite food, which happens to be cheesecake, how much she loves candy and what she plans on being for Halloween.

Madelyn maintained composure throughout the interview, which is no small feat when you’re sitting with someone as famous as Pink. The singer wound up complimenting the 5-year-old several times throughout the interview on her reading skills, the child’s idea to be Annie for Halloween and more.

By the end of the interview, Madelyn and Pink have become friends, and Pink gets the hug she’s been waiting for from the adorable little girl. Cue the “awwws!”

And then be sure to stay tuned to watch 7-year-old Poppy interview Katy Perry—it’s definitely worth a watch.

Some highlights? Perry reveals she used to roller skate every Tuesday night for “Christian skate night” growing up, and Poppy corrects the pop star when she incorrectly says worms may turn into butterflies.

“No, caterpillars,” the little reporter says matter of factly.

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Little Poppy also had the chance to interview Pharrell, and the result is short but sweet. Pharrell shares deep thoughts about what makes him happy in life (we’re guessing Poppy pulled together this question based on the massive success of his 2013 song “Happy”!). Have a watch below.

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