Pink invited a 12-year-old fan to sing at her concert—and you’ve got to hear her cover of ‘Perfect’

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Pink’s “Beautiful Trauma” Tour is moving right along, and she’s making it a special experience every step of the way.

Not only is she traveling with her family, but she’s also bringing her music and her inspirational message to fans all across the world, and that really is a beautiful thing.

Recently, Pink shared a special moment with a fan when she invited 12-year-old Victoria “Vic” Anthony to sing at her concert.

Anthony had started the hashtag “#VicAndPink” in the lead-up to Pink’s tour stop in Vancouver.

The 12-year-old is both a huge fan and a self-taught musician, and she really, really wanted to perform for Pink at her concert.

Here’s one of the videos she posted:

Because Pink is definitely in the business of encouraging people to dream big — she decided to make this one fan’s dream come true.

She found Anthony in the crowd and asked her to sing whatever she wanted.

Anthony chose to sing a rendition of “Perfect,” and Pink was left in awe of the young musician. Thankfully, the moment was caught on camera:

Once Anthony had her chance to sing, Pink hugged her and said, “You’re amazing. Never stop.”

And once Pink made her way back to the stage she said, “How do you follow that?”

2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - Show
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As for Anthony, the moment left her “in shock.”

“I’m feeling incredible,” she told Global News. “I’m still kind of in shock.”

She later tweeted about the special moment she shared with Pink:

“[T]hank you @Pink for making me feel I can do anything,” she wrote on Twitter.

Anthony’s hoping that everyone who sees this is inspired to follow their dreams.

“What I’m taking away from this, and what everyone should take away, is that when you want something like nothing is impossible,” Anthony told Global News. “You can always achieve something; [it] is just about the amount of effort you put in.”

In this case, her hard work very much paid off. And that truly is inspiring. Way to go, #VicAndPink!

Dave Grohl’s Daughter Sings With Him

Speaking of totally awesome kids, Violet Grohl, the 12-year-old daughter of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, has already made it clear that she inherited her dad’s musical talents.

She recently joined him on stage to perform a cover of Adele’s song “When We Were Young” during the Notes & Words benefit concert in Oakland, California, and the two make for a dynamic duo! Violet had no problem hitting the high notes as her dad accompanied her on guitar.

Watch the awesome performance from the May 12 show below:

Wow, her voice is powerful, especially considering her age!

Later in the show, Grohl’s younger daughter, 9-year-old Harper, joined her dad and sister to sing backup on Foo Fighters’ 2017 song “The Sky Is a Neighborhood:”

Harper’s skills are just as impressive as her sister’s, and it’s clear Grohl is super proud of his daughters.

Harper and Violet recently appeared in the music video for “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” in which Grohl directed them. Although many of us know him as a prolific musician, when it comes to his kids, Grohl is just dad.

“You have to realize that my children don’t see me as a famous rock musician,” he explained to Rolling Stone. “They see me as a slobbish dad and especially when it comes to a director … It’s funny, they were much more cooperative making the video than they are when it’s time for them to clean their room or go to bed.”

dave grohl violet photo
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Despite their obvious talent, Grohl says his daughters’ lives are largely like those of any other kids, and that they spend a lot of time doing things like watching slime-making tutorials on YouTube and skateboarding.

If they’re interested, I think these two have great potential to follow in their dad’s footsteps with careers in the music business. The bright lights of the stage and a screaming audience clearly didn’t bother them!

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