Pink Reveals She Owns A Vineyard And Is Releasing Three Wines

Like many celebrities, Pink has a deep passion for wine. But her enthusiasm goes beyond collecting or drinking it. For the last few years, she has swapped the studio for the vineyard to pursue winemaking as a part-time career.

She and her husband Carey Hart purchased an organic vineyard in Santa Barbara County’s Santa Ynez Valley in 2013, and they turned her passion into a vine-ripened business venture. And she managed to keep it all a secret until recently. Just after wrapping up her Beautiful Trauma tour, on Sept. 29, the pop star announced she is officially the winemaker behind Two Wolves wines via an Instagram post.

“We are lovers of the land, hoping to leave this place better off than how we found it,” she wrote in the caption. “In the spirit of experimentation, much like a child approaches every new task, in the quest for knowledge with all due respect to the past, and with every bit of fire that burns within us, we bring to you Two Wolves Wine.”

The winery name, Two Wolves, comes from a Cherokee parable about the opposing forces of good and evil inside every person. And come Nov. 15, wine lovers will be able to purchase bottles of Two Wolves’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

Field Work

Pink’s foray into winemaking is not a publicity stunt. She is much more than the face of the brand and literally gets her hands dirty. In fact, she has been honing her skills with courses at Wine & Spirit Education Trust and UCLA Extension.

She also takes on grunt work in the 25-acre organic vineyard, like pruning the vines, humanely controlling potential pests and picking the grapes, beyond the normal duties as winemaker.

As any grape lover would, Moore hoped to stomp grapes with her bare feet — that is, until she saw the number of spiders.

Family Business

In addition to Pink’s love of wine, she told Food & Wine she hoped to leave her new wine business to her children so one day they can follow in her grape-stained footsteps if they want to.

In the meantime, they’re already pitching in wherever they can.

Pink — whose real name is Alecia Moore — is excited to finally reveal this other side of her life that she has intentionally kept secret so that she could grow the business.

“I’m excited, and I’m terrified,” she said of revealing her company. “It’s been really fun to have this be my secret because I’ve never had one.”

Will you be curious to try Two Wolves Wines when they are available?