Listen to Pink and Reese Witherspoon’s candid conversation about juggling work and motherhood

As part of Reese Witherspoon’s new unscripted TV series, called “Shine On with Reese,” where she interviews inspiring women, the actress recently sat down with Pink to discuss what it’s like to be a working mom, especially when there’s so much travel involved in your job.

The show premiered on July 17 and is exclusively part of DirecTV and DirecTV Now. The AT&T YouTube channel gave a preview of what the show will be like with this one-minute segment of Pink and Witherspoon getting real about motherhood.

Even though the clip is short, it’s more than enough to get you hooked on the idea of watching the show. Because — as you likely know — Pink’s not one to hold back when it comes to talking about her family life, so this turned out to be an incredible interview.

“Going on tour with children is really tricky,” Pink admitted. “It’s exhausting. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I’m very, very fortunate that I get to bring my kids with me and that I get to integrate them into my life.”

“Everything That’s Bad Can Be Good Again”

Pink has been traveling while touring her “Beautiful Trauma” album, and she’s had her husband and her kids by her side at every destination.

She told Witherspoon that they’ve traveled to London, Budapest and Berlin, among other cities. When she asked her daughter, who recently turned 7, what her favorite place had been so far, she got a very touching, thoughtful and somewhat unexpected response.

“I think it was Berlin,” the little girl told her mom. Pink continued, “I said, ‘Why?’ and she said, ‘Because there was a wall and people were separated, and there was a war and people were killed. And now everybody’s together and there’s no more wall and there’s no more war, and that means that everything that’s bad can be good again.'”

Pink was blown away by the response.

“I’m just listening to her, and I’m like, ‘You’re amazing, and you’re totally right — everything that’s bad can be good again,'” Pink said.

While touring with her children may not be easy, it’s certainly not all bad because it brings about unforgettable moments like that.

Kids Will Be Kids

Based on Pink’s Instagram posts, her kids don’t seem to mind the touring lifestyle one bit.

Throughout the trip, they’ve gotten some great views from the window seat, as you can tell from the pop star mama’s Instagram photo:

They get to make sure their mom is ready before every show. As this photo demonstrates, Pink’s son, Jameson, is a glam expert:

Willow’s even gotten to learn some new skills before her mom takes the stage:

And even when the kids get sick, Pink’s positive attitude is there to bring the fever down:

“One kid has this fever kicked and the other is just getting started! Let’s do this Perth! It’s beautiful outside today,” she wrote on Instagram.

All in all, the family appears to be having a great time — mostly because the tour isn’t keeping them apart. Instead, it’s allowing for some real quality bonding experiences, as is evidenced by the brother and sister entering a venue hand-in-hand:

Raising kids (and traveling with them) isn’t always easy, but then there are those moments that remind you it’s all worth it, as Pink has experienced while on tour.

Your work may not take you on a worldwide music tour, but balancing work and parenthood is a juggling act for all of us. How do you make it all work?

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