Pink’s pared-down Grammys performance was a must-see

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Pink’s no stranger to out-of-this-world performances. When she’s not gliding through the air over the stage, she’s suspended from the side of a building to wow her fans. But, showing off with crazy performances isn’t the only thing this singer is about—and her latest Grammy performance proves it.

At the 60th annual Grammy Awards, Pink stole the show by simply wearing jeans and a t-shirt and killing it with her stunning vocals.

She sang “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” which appeared on her 2017 album, “Beautiful Trauma.” During the bare performance, Pink was accompanied on stage only by a sign-language interpreter. Given the title of the song and the relatable nature of her outfit, this performance seemed to be about inclusivity.

The lack of theatrics in her performance really put an emphasis on what the evening was all about: the music. And her vocals will absolutely blow you away. You can watch a clip of her performance in ET’s coverage below or watch the performance in full on the Grammys site.


Fans loved every single minute of Pink’s stage time at the Grammys.

“T-shirt jeans & still looks absolutely stunning,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another fan chimed in, “If perfection were a person it would definitely be Pink.”

Clearly, the singer’s song and wardrobe choice resonated with her audience.

While she appeared bare-footed, wearing jeans and a white t-shirt for the performance, she didn’t show up to the awards show nearly as pared down. Instead, she hit the red carpet wearing a brightly-colored feathered gown with a white rose pinned to her chest. The rose, a symbol of solidarity in the #MeToo movement, was a common sight on the red carpet.

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Pink has long been an advocate for self expression, so it’s no surprise to see her wearing a feathered ball gown one minute and changing into a pair of jeans the next! She’s pro-people doing whatever they want, and she embodies that message in so many ways.

She proved it again last year when on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards. She shared a story she told to her daughter, who had been made to feel like she “looked like a boy” saying, “So, baby girl, we don’t change. We take the gravel and the shell and we make a pearl,” she said. “We help other people to change so that they can see more kinds of beauty.” And that’s a message that applies not only to her little girl, but to everyone.

Pink continues to prove that appearances aren’t what’s most important. At the Grammys, it was all about using the power of music alone to evoke emotions. Pink’s performance couldn’t have resonated more.

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