Pink’s Son Goes Snowboarding With Dad Right After First Birthday

Pink and Carey Hart may have had their son only a year ago, but that’s already given them plenty of time to get their tot ready for extreme sports. Hart took little Jameson Moon out for a day of snowboarding just after the boy celebrated his first birthday.

He posted an adorable video of the 1-year-old wearing a beanie and snow suit. Jameson was standing on a tiny snowboard and already looked like a natural. The video was taken just a couple of days after Jameson turned one on Dec. 26.

In the video, you can hear the proud dad saying, “What do you think, dude? Ready to go snowboarding?” His son definitely seemed like he was up for the challenge! Hart captioned the video, “The stoke is real lol.”

Despite his young age, this isn’t the first time Jameson has taken a liking to sports. He seemed to be having a great time at the skate park in 2017 as he was being pushed around on a skateboard while seated. Who wouldn’t like that, though?

Pink and Hart also have a daughter, Willow, who is apparently a natural on the slopes. Scroll through to watch her zip around like a little pro:

And she even shows her mom how it’s done on a bike:

Hart is a former motocross competitor and Pink’s been known to take risks and push the envelope, too. She recently performed on the side of a building, after all. So, it’s no surprise that these kids would already show an interest in extreme sports. It must run in the family!

In fact, Hart has joked that a scrape Jameson got while learning to walk will be only the first of many for the little guy.

These parents are all about inspiring their children to be themselves, fearlessly.

The singer once inspired her daughter to let the negative things people say to her inspire personal growth instead of allowing them to bring her down. She revealed the words she told her daughter in a moving speech, “So, baby girl, we don’t change. We take the gravel and the shell and we make a pearl,” she said.

I have a feeling Pink and Hart will inspire their children to be whatever they want to be and to try whatever they want to try—snowboarding and all! And honestly, I love that about them.