This Map Shows The Most-Pinned Foods In Every State, According to Pinterest


There are many types of “American” food, including Southern comfort food, California farm-fresh cuisine and indulgent East Coast seafood.

What’s especially cool about American food is that even though clam chowder may have originated in New England, those in Massachusetts are no longer confined to sticking to what to they know, and we have the internet to thank for that.

With so many recipes online, it’s easier than ever to branch out when it comes to varying our diets. What people are searching for and making around the United States isn’t exactly what you would expect.

Thanks to this Pinterest report, we get to see the most-pinned foods in state. Some of the results might surprise you!


1. Alabama

Pound cakes, which originated in Great Britain, are all the rage in the South.


2. Alaska

It seems fitting that Alaskans pin survival bread the most. This type of non-perishable bread is made with only flour, salt, and water, and it’s popular with outdoor adventurers.

3. Arizona

This Southwestern state stays true to its roots and likes to kick its dishes up a notch with some chiles, the most-pinned food in Arizona.


4. Arkansas

Forget barbecue — those in Arkansas like to get creative and cook dishes using Coca-Cola, like this popular Coca-Cola cake recipe. Coca-Cola, the most-pinned food in Arkansas, can also be used for marinades, barbecue sauce and brisket.

coke photo
Getty Images | Scott Olson

5. California

Californians are all about their local ingredients and love saving recipes that contain figs. Fun fact: Figs are also the most talked about fruit in the Bible.


6. Colorado

Those in Colorado might not live close to the border, but the most searched recipe in the state is carnitas, a Mexican dish that consists of simmered, savory pork.

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7. Connecticut

Taking inspiration from the Italians, residents of Connecticut like to make their own cannoli at home. In Italian, the word cannoli actually means “little tubes,” which makes sense given their shape.

cannoli photo
Getty Images | Brian Ach

8. Delaware

Those who live in Delaware are always on the lookout for ways to prepare crab. The most common crab caught in Delaware waters is the blue crab, which can be found around most of the state.

crab photo
Getty Images | China Photos

9. Florida

It might seem like Floridians are living the life, and that’s probably right. Floridians like to search for cake toppers, no doubt to celebrate all the fabulous occasions of life.

10. Georgia

The people of Georgia sure love their comfort food: They search for chicken wings the most. Did you know that on average, a person eats a dozen chicken wings at one time?

11. Hawaii

The Japanese are the third-largest ethnic group in Hawaii, so there’s no surprise that the dwellers of Hawaii search the most for matcha, a finely ground form of green tea.

12. Idaho

Idaho seems to like their vegetables pickled, as the most popular food-related search in the state is for canning tips.

pickled photo
Getty Images | Neilson Barnard

13. Illinois

Wild Rice Soup is a typical cuisine of the Midwest, so it comes as no shock that those in Illinois often search for the popular recipe.

14. Indiana

Casseroles are the quintessential all-American food, and those in Indiana like to stick to their roots by whipping up their own noodle casseroles. Noodle casseroles have been around for a long time: The first tuna noodle casserole recipe gained attention back in 1930.

15. Iowa

Residents of Iowa like to search for ways to snack on Chex Mix. The recipe for Chex Mix was created in 1952 to promote the sale of Chex cereal.

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16. Kansas

It’s certainly not what you first think of you when you think of Kansas, but dwellers in this state like to spice things up by making chicken enchiladas, a Mexican dish that is made by wrapping a corn tortilla around a chicken filling and topping it with cheese and sauce.

enchiladas photo
Getty Images | John Moore

17. Kentucky

Residents of Kentucky go straight for the sweets: They love to pin recipes related to fudge. Rumor has it that fudge gets its name from a mistake someone made when trying to make caramel — seems like they really “fudged” that process.

fudge photo
Getty Images | Sean Gallup

18. Louisiana

They do love their shrimp in Louisiana, so of course the state most often looks for shrimp pasta dishes to make on their own. Even though a lot of Americans love this seafood, almost 90 percent of all the shrimp consumed in the United States is imported.

19. Maine

Forget lobster — those living in Maine are always on the lookout for a good doughnut — and they’re not alone. Over 10 billion doughnuts are made in the U.S. each year.

doughnut photo
Getty Images | Cindy Ord

20. Maryland

Of course residents of this coastal state are going to find anyway they can to come up with some delicious seafood, and more specifically, scallops. We wonder if searches peak on March 12, which is National Baked Scallop Day, and Oct. 2, National Fried Scallop Day.

21. Massachusetts

On those days when they’re just over clam chowder, New Englanders like to cook with butternut squash. This fall vegetable can last for weeks at a time, which makes it a great staple to have on hand.

22. Michigan

Looks like those in Michigan are pretty laid-back: They like to make no-bake cookies.

23. Minnesota

Those in Minnesota are seeming pretty healthy, considering they search the most for broccoli salad. Broccoli has been a popular diet item since the 6th century, when ancient Romans used to indulge in the food.


24. Mississippi

Plain ol’ spaghetti just won’t cut it. Those in Mississippi make sure their meal is balanced with the addition of chicken.

25. Missouri

Missouri may not be the epicenter of culinary creativity, but they sure aren’t boring, searching for “cheesecake dip” the most frequently.


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26. Montana

They might not have a ton of British influence, but Montana residents sure love their scones. Although no one can agree on where exactly scones started, they have origins in England, Scotland and Ireland.

27. Nebraska

Sloppy joes are a favorite in Nebraska, so it’s no surprise they top the list of the most-searched food in the state. Ever wonder where the name of this unique sandwich came from? According to legend, it came from a cook named Joe in Sioux City, Iowa, who added some loose meat to his sandwiches.


28. Nevada

Nevada is home to Las Vegas, so we know they sure like to party. But not all parties are filled with booze, and you might end up finding a trove of cake pops instead.

29. New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, however, forget the food. It’s all about the booze, with those in the state most searching martini recipes. Martinis are popular on Instagram, too: Over 752 pictures of the drink are posted daily.

martini photo
Getty Images | Adam Berry

30. New Jersey

Who cares if it gets cold? New Jersey is drinking sangria all year long.

sangria photo
Getty Images | Cooper Neill

31. New Mexico

New Mexico stays true to its roots by making their fair share of empanadas. The name “empanada” comes from the Spanish word “empanar,” meaning to wrap or coat in bread or pastry.

32. New York

New York really is really a mecca of different international cuisines, so it makes sense that its residents crave some tasty falafel. Although falafel is enjoyed all around the world, its origins are hotly contested, especially between Israelis and Palestinians.


33. North Carolina

Banana pudding is a popular dish in the South, and North Carolina just can’t seem to get enough of the dessert — and who can blame them? One of the earliest recipes for banana pudding appeared in the New York Times in 1878. 

34. North Dakota

Oatmeal in bowls just isn’t going to cut it. People in North Dakota like their breakfast in bar form, as evidenced by their most-searched food.

35. Ohio

It’s time to move to Ohio stat — they sure know what they’re doing making those peanut butter brownies all the time.


36. Oklahoma

Okies don’t waste their time with flavorless food: Taco soup leads their list of most-pinned foods.

37. Oregon

Oregonians like to whip up curry dishes of their own and they’re not the only ones who love curry. Over 23 million people in the world eat curry regularly.


38. Pennsylvania

When they’re not chowing down on Hershey’s chocolate, Pennsylvanians are going straight for the Peach Schnapps, a sweet, peach-flavored liqueur used in many popular cocktails.

39. Rhode Island

Residents of Rhode Island don’t just like to make cupcakes — they like theirs specifically with flowers on top, too.

40. South Carolina

Classic chocolate cake isn’t good enough for those in South Carolina. They’ve upgraded to searching all things red velvet. Fun Fact: During World War II, red velvet cake was actually dyed with beets instead of red food coloring.


41. South Dakota

The Midwest loves to use tater tots in their dishes, and South Dakota is no exception. Although they feel like a treat now, tater tots were invented to make use out of excess potato scraps.

42. Tennessee

Those in Tennessee like to stick to what they know, as evidenced by their frequent searches for some classic cornbread. What is seen now as a quintessential American side dish has actually been around for longer than we realize. Before European settlers came to America, Native Americans had been baking cornbread for years.


43. Texas

You would think this food belongs to California, but apparently, it is Texas that’s big on stuffed avocados.

44. Utah

Apparently those in Utah like to channel tropical vibes with their frequent searches for coconut chicken.


45. Vermont

Residents of Vermont take advantage of beet crops, searching for this root vegetable the most often. Did you know that the entire beet plant is edible, from its leaves to its root?

46. Virginia

Those in Virginia seem to be keeping up with the latest food trends, as they’re always on the hunt for a good smoothie bowl. Mmmm.


47. Washington

Washingtonians like to eat their fair share of Thai chicken, which can be baked, grilled or stir-fried. Most Thai chicken dishes are loaded with spices like curry, basil, lemongrass and coconut.

48. West Virginia

It’s always Thanksgiving in West Virginia, as those who reside there are on the hunt for delicious pumpkin desserts.

pumpkin pie photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

49. Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents must have a sweet tooth, as they like to search for Puppy Chow recipes. The combo of cereal, melted chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar gets its name from its resemblance to dog food. (But it tastes way better.)

50. Wyoming

No one in Wyoming is about to sit around. They’re making energy bites left and right to help them chug along throughout the day.

What do you think: How does your state’s most-pinned food item stack up?

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