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Pinterest Says This Will Be The Most Popular Wedding Cake Of 2017

Last year, "naked" (no-frosting) cakes were all the rage, but now there's a new favorite in town.

There are certain things you might expect to see at a wedding in 2017. Millennial pink? You bet. Off-the-shoulder silhouettes? Yep. But this wedding cake trend is one you may or may not have seen coming. According to Pinterest’s 2017 Wedding Report, drip cakes are having a moment this year.

Last year, it was all about the “naked” (no-frosting) cake, but this year, brides and grooms are going with frosting on top of frosting instead. Since my personal belief is you can never have too much frosting, I’ll very much be looking forward to this dessert at each and every wedding I attend in 2017. Trendy engaged folks, don’t let me down!

Wedding Forward

The drip cake is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a normal cake, but there’s an added layer of frosting, caramel or some other kind of topping that appears to be dripping down the sides of the cake. It’s delicate in its design, much like the “naked” cakes, so if you’re into the idea of minimal desserts, but still want to pack on the sweetness—this is the cake for you.

Berries And Love

Once you see these various designs on Pinterest, you’ll know exactly why this is one of the biggest trends of the year. They’re just too pretty to resist.

The report also noted that taco bars, customized food and drink pairings, and signature drink stations are most likely to take a forefront at the reception scene this year. Brunch weddings are also becoming popular. Think less steak and wine and more waffles and mimosas. Yum!

If you’re a fan of brunch food, hand-crafted beverages and decadent cakes, well, prepare to fall in love with 2017’s wedding season.