You’ll Actually Want To Display These ‘Pioneer Woman’-Designed Crockpots In Your Kitchen

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There’s no denying that crockpots come in handy, but they’re usually bulky, awkwardly-shaped, and (we hate to say it) kinda ugly. Not exactly the kind of thing you’re dying to display on your kitchen counter! Typically, they get tucked away in a cabinet or pantry somewhere until they’re needed. However, Ree Drummond from the lifestyle blog and Food Network show “The Pioneer Woman” is here to change all of that.

Drummond just released a line of incredibly cute crockpots at Walmart in four different designs. They’re so cute you’ll just have to make a permanent spot for a crockpot on your countertop:

These crockpots join the collection of kitchen supplies the personality behind The Pioneer Woman already has available through Walmart.

Alas, given their popularity and affordable price point of $24.96, they are already completely sold out online.


However, there’s no mention of these crockpots being limited edition items, so we’re fairly certain you can expect a restock in the near future. We’ve reached out to Walmart for confirmation and will update with their response.

Each design features floral patterns and adorable names such as “Country Garden.” They’re shabby-chic, just as you’d expect from Drummond.


The best news is that getting a stylish crockpot doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of the functionality.


The Pioneer Woman crockpots are Hamilton Beach-branded, equipped to hold six quarts each and come with a sealed lid and handles that make it easy to transport.


If you’re hoping to add even more items from the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart to your kitchen, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of gadgets, dishes and more to choose from. And not only are they in stock, but they’re also on sale!

For instance, you can snag this 10-piece nesting mixing bowl set for just $24.50 right now.


Just think of all the use you’ll get out of them with holiday cooking season is right around the corner. Bon appétit!

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