8 Pisces Stereotypes That Are Actually True

Those born between February 19 and March 20 are caring and thoughtful in any type of relationship, whether it’s just a friendship or something a little more on the romantic side.

While there are lots of astrology guides claiming to know how people with a certain sign operate, I think you’ll find that these stereotypical characteristics of Pisces are actually quite true.

Pisces is a water sign and therefore really do seem to have an emotional capacity that’s as deep as the ocean. They’re extremely caring and empathetic individuals. With so much emotion, artistic endeavors come easily to them, and they have an extraordinary imagination.

If you’re their friend, you’ll work to keep them grounded, and truth be known, they’d be lost without you. Find out which Pisces stereotypes are actually true to learn even more about the Pisces in your life.

1. They Can Be Extremely Emotional

They are very in touch with their emotions, and if you know someone that’s a Pisces, you know that they both express and internalize a multitude of feelings.


2. They Make Great Partners

Whether you’re a friend or more than a friend to a Pisces, you’ve likely seen how caring, empathetic and sensitive they can be. They really allow themselves to feel exactly what you’re feeling. So, if you need someone to cry with you rather than a shoulder to cry on, turn to a Pisces.


3. Their Caring Sense Seeps Into Their Work Life

Because Pisces are such caring people who are extremely in tune with their emotions as well as the emotions of others, they tend to go into fields that allow them to help people. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, they are likely veterinarians, social workers, attorneys and the like.


4. They’re Really Creative

With a wealth of emotion and plenty of imagination, Pisces are quite creative and typically make excellent artists because it’s a great way for them to express themselves.


5. They Thrive Around Others

Pisces not only seem to have a lot of friends, they thrive when they are surrounded by them. It’s good for them to have friends who keep them grounded so that they don’t get too carried away in their imaginations. They’re easily distracted, but a large group of caring friends help to keep them on the right track.


6. They’re Selfless

People born to this sign are willing to help others at any cost. They are extremely selfless, putting the needs of another before their own.


7. They’re Hopeless Romantics

Because of how deeply they care, they expect the same in return, making them huge romantics. They would never turn their nose up to a very classic Valentine’s Day gift consisting of flowers, candy and sappy cards because in fact, that’s kind of what they live for.


8. They’re Introspective

While they are capable of feeling and relating to a lot of emotions, they tend to keep their feelings to themselves. They are able to look inward and express themselves creatively, which is what typically makes them such great artists. Just try to make sure they don’t keep too much bottled up inside.


If you’ve got a Pisces in your life, be thankful that you have someone who truly cares for you by your side.