Pit Bull And Guinea Pigs Are Best Friends — And Instagram Stars

If you need a dose of cute overload to brighten up your day, look no further than this pit bull who is best friends with two guinea pigs. Moki the pit bull lives in San Francisco with her two guinea pig sisters, Frida and Pandora. They make quite the threesome!

When Moki’s family adopted her, many people warned that that the tiny guinea pigs might not be safe around the much larger dog. But the three animals got on like a house on fire. Just check out this adorable video of the three critters enjoying each other’s company:

Their owner Kristy Gamayo, says that she, too, was initially surprised by the tight bond the unlikely trio formed. She told the Daily Mail:

“My partner and I did everything to secure the cage and make sure Moki couldn’t jump in and kill them. Also, San Francisco Animal Care and Control came to the house to inspect it before we were able to adopt Moki. The officer told us that Moki might try to kill them and we needed to keep them apart at all times,”

However, after introducing the animals safely, she quickly realized the three critters had nothing but love for each other.

“The piggies are always crawling up to Moki — smelling her — and Moki in return licks them as she lies down with them. To this day, Moki and the piggies cuddle together and Moki likes to give them kisses,” she explained.

Gamayo created an Instagram account for people to follow her three super-cute pets, and the account now has over 11,000 followers.

Here’s the three of them just relaxing:


“This is our Monday modeling pose,” Gamayo captioned the photo.

And here they are after being caught red-handed:


“OK, which one of you did it?” she asks in the caption.

And here they look like they’re deep in conversation:


“Throwback to the first girl chat on the patio,” the caption reads.

Too cute! We’re so glad these three furry BFFs found each other.