Rapper Pitbull Sends Private Jet For Cancer Patients In Puerto Rico

I have a big ol’ soft spot for Pitbull, the rapper and entertainer. His music is a ton of fun — his song “Fireball,” for example, has been my workout jam for close on to three years. And now I have even more reason to like him, as he’s just pulled an awesome Good Samaritan move for survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

The Miami-based rapper, who is Cuban, sent a private jet to Puerto Rico to rescue cancer patients on the island, so they could continue their treatment on the United States mainland. In a statement to People, Pitbull said, “Thank God we’re blessed to help. Just doing my part.”

Puerto Rican congresswoman Jenniffer Gonzalez thanked Pitbull in a tweet on September 26. Translated, it reads, “Thank you @pitbull for lending your private plane to move cancer patients from PR to USA so that they can get chemo.”

Pitbull, whose birth name is Armando Christian Perez, is no stranger to humanitarian work. He’s opened a charter school in Miami (apparently it’s a cause that’s near and dear to his heart, as three of his six children attend charter schools) and has worked with other causes, include the VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

Plenty of celebrities are pledging help to Puerto Rico, including Jennifer Lopez, who just donated one million dollars. It’s refreshing to see celebrities directly use their own resources, like a plane, to provide direct help, too.

puerto rico maria photo
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

And every little bit of help, whether from a celebrity or a private citizen, makes a difference. It’s currently estimated that electricity will be out for months on some parts of the island of Puerto Rico, according to Vox. Fresh water and food are currently scarce. Because cell towers are non-functioning, it’s hard for Puerto Ricans to contact each other or loved ones off the island, too.

puerto rico maria photo
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

If you’re interested helping the Hurricane Maria relief effort in Puerto Rico, FastCompany has a list of ten ways to help. Airline travel website The Points Guy also has some great suggestions on how to give back, like donating airline miles and sourcing supplies.

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Flickr | The National Guard

Personally, I suggest you rock out to “Fireball” while you decide how your time and money can best be used to help Puerto Rico: