Brides can now carry bouquets of pizza instead of flowers on their big day


Calling the truest pizza-lovers and, well, the actual lovers out there! Brides and grooms can now enter for the chance to win pizza bouquets and boutonnieres, so they can profess their love (to pizza and to each other) on their big day!

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is brought to you by Villa Italian Kitchen. You may recognize the company from the time they were offering up free pizza-flavored lipstick.

Or, maybe you might recall their fun Valentine’s Day pizza proposal?


Now they’re at it again with their giveaways — but this time, it’s to kick off wedding season.

Perfect For Pizza-Loving Couples

“We are so excited to kick off wedding season with the launch of the world’s first Pizza Bouquet and Boutonniere,” said Mimi Wunderlich, Director of Communications and Digital Marketing, Villa Italian Kitchen, in a press release. “These delicious floral accessories are perfect for pizza-loving couples looking to spice up their wedding with one-of-a-kind designs. We are looking forward to celebrating the marriages of some of our most loyal fans by gifting them a set of their own, just in time for their wedding!”

So, now that you’ve decided to have a non-traditional alternative to floral arrangements at your wedding, let’s talk details.

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The Arrangements

The bouquets and boutonnieres are hand-crafted by New York City food-stylist Jessie Bearden to resemble flowers, except of course, they’re made using pizza dough, mozzarella and pepperoni.

How To Enter

So, how do you become one of the lucky brides who will skip tossing the bouquet and get to eat it instead?

All you have to do is visit Villa Italian Kitchen’s pizza bouquet website and enter your information before 9:00 p.m. EST on June 15. The only qualifications are a love of pizza and a wedding date set before September 30.

From there, a few lucky couples will be selected to receive a bouquet and boutonniere set. Those brides and grooms will then get ready to say “pie do.”

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And even if you aren’t selected to receive these food “floral” arrangements, all those who enter will receive a coupon for a free slice of Neapolitan cheese pizza.

If this idea has you feeling inspired, you can always consider other ways to incorporate pizza into your nuptials. Why not opt for a pizza “cake” instead of a traditional cake, for instance.

You can still cut the first slice, as you would a regular cake. This one just has yummy cheese and sauce instead of cake and frosting!

And, also just like a traditional wedding cake, you can stack on the tiers as high as you’d like! Another pizzeria boasts this tall pizza wedding creation that look fabulous!

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If pizza cake isn’t your thing, how about serving vodka-infused pizza for dinner? Scarpetta’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has just you might be looking for to satisfy your taste buds.

Craving pizza? Let the wedding planning begin!


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