Pizza Hut’s New Pizza Box Turns Into A Movie Projector

Pizza-and-movie nights will never be the same. Pizza Hut is changing the way customers watch movies and eat pizza with a cardboard box that transforms into a movie projector.

The “Blockbuster Box” was designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong as a new marketing strategy for Pizza Hut. So how does this nifty contraption work?

Inside each Blockbuster Box is a special “pizza table” (that little plastic thing that keeps the cardboard from touching the pizza). Unlike the average pizza table, this one has a lens that you stick into a perforated hole on the side of the box. Pop in your smartphone, press play and voila, a movie is projected onto any nearby wall.

Speakers will come in handy as the phone will be inside a box and sound will be low. Don’t forget to wipe off the phone after having it inside a greasy box.

There are four versions of the box, and each comes with a code to download a different movie. Choose from among “Fully Loaded” (action), “Anchovy Armageddon” (sci-fi), “Slice Night” (horror) and “Hot & Ready” (romance).

Unfortunately, if you call up your local Pizza Hut, the box might not yet be available. The projector box is currently only available in Hong Kong.

In the meantime, take a look at a video from Technology Time to see how it all works. Hopefully, this pizza-and-movie night game-changer makes its way to Pizza Huts across the world.

[youtube id=”wLfz0Pq-70Y”]

[h/t: Business Insider]