Pizza Hut now sells mini Cinnabon cinnamon rolls

As if you needed another reason to order Pizza Hut for dinner tonight, the chain just rolled out a new dessert item that you won’t be able to resist! Now, you can have Cinnabon cinnamon rolls for a post-pizza treat — and they come in a mini version that’s almost too cute to eat.

This Pizza Hut and Cinnabon collaboration is a dream come true, and according to Nation’s Restaurant News, these adorable little cinnamon rolls will become a permanent part of the Pizza Hut dessert menu alongside their already delicious range of cinnamon sticks, chocolate chip cookies and brownies.

The dessert features 10 bite-sized versions of the Cinnabon cinnamon rolls you know and love for just $5.99, and they can be ordered for carry-out or delivery.

These treats are as ooey and gooey as you’d imagine, and yes — they come covered in melty icing, just in case you were wondering:

Marianne Radley, chief brand officer for Pizza Hut’s U.S. segment, said in a statement, “There’s nothing better than polishing off pizza night with something sweet.”

And plenty of Pizza Hut fans seem to agree. Twitter user @jennaezarik said “I was born for this” after learning of the Pizza Hut-Cinnabon combination:

Twitter user @bellabear_5678 is calling this a “most favorite collab” because you’ve got to admit — pizza and cinnamon rolls are definitely at the top of the list as far as food pairings go:

One Cinnabon lover, Twitter user @chrissyraw, has already given the mini desserts a try, and gave a thumbs up:

Twitter user @JustinLee6788 is proving just how edible these are:

Meanwhile, Twitter user @_KiiLoLow was a little disappointed by the size of the “mini” rolls:

We guess people who were hoping for more will just have to order two batches of these desserts! And, hey, who could complain about that? When it comes to cinnamon rolls, the more the merrier!

So, who’s ordering Pizza Hut for dinner tonight?