Pizza Hut’s famous Big Dipper Pizza is back

Pizza Hut

To celebrate decades of making pizza, Pizza Hut is bringing back one of its original masterpieces to menus nationwide. Now, for a limited time, the pizza chain’s famous Big Dipper Pizza is officially back!

The rectangular pizza, which clocks in at nearly 2 feet long, is just $12.99 and has 24 pieces of cheesy goodness with the option to add pepperoni. Each slice of pizza is shaped more like a breadstick, making the slices perfect for dipping in one of the four included dipping sauces: two marinara, one ranch and one honey BBQ.

Pizza Hut

“The Big Dipper is a Pizza Hut fan favorite” David Graves, chief brand officer, Pizza Hut, said in a press release. “It’s a Pizza Hut classic, reimagined to deliver an unbeatable taste that customers can only get from Pizza Hut.”

On March 4, the company teased the return of the menu item on Twitter with a visual depiction of the Big Dipper constellation — made out of pepperoni.

And if you’re stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic — don’t worry. We’ve confirmed with Pizza Hut that the pizza is available for both delivery and carry-out, so you should be able to get it even if the restaurants in your area are closed for dining-in.

You can also choose contactless delivery if you would prefer the pizza be left at your door.

Pizza Hut

Right before bringing back the Big Dipper pizza, Pizza Hut also added its spiciest wings ever to the menu. Available now at locations that offer wings, Pizza Hut promises that the new Nashville Hot wings will “put your tastebuds to the test.”

Inspired by sweat-inducing Nashville-style spice and southern heat, the new wings feature a cayenne pepper sauce with a blend of savory and sweet flavors.

Pizza Hut

The return of the Big Dipper marks the first of several classics expected to return to Pizza Hut menus this year.

Will you be ordering Pizza Hut’s Big Dipper before it’s once again taken off the menu?


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