Pizza ice cream is the latest funky fast food combination on the market

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Um, you guys. I don’t know how you tell you this. So, uh, I’ll just say it. Someone has invented…pizza ice cream.

It’s true. Little Baby’s Ice Cream, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the Dr. Frankstein behind this wacky creation. And people seem to love all the recent junk food mashups!

The pizza ice cream is made with tomato, basil, garlic, salt, and oregano. If that sounds a little strange, don’t worry. Little Baby’s knows a thing or two about creating delicious and funky ice cream combos.

How about their sushi ice cream?

Or Strawberry Pink Peppercorn:

They also have other wacky offerings on their menu including Earl Grey Sriracha (made with Sriracha and black tea). Then there’s the Rose Pistachio  which blends rosewater and crushed pistachios. Or, maybe you’d like to try the Irish Potato made with coconut cinnamon sugar balls and salty potato chips? Do you like bagels? Try the Everything Bagel made with flavored with pieces of everything bagels, dried onion pieces, garlic powder, onion powder, kosher salt, sesame seeds, poppy seeds.

Little Baby’s More Than Just Pizza Ice Cream

Little Baby’s is more than just a place for silly ice cream combos. It is a Philly treasure, and a true American success story.

The company began as nothing more than a “multimedia” tricycle, a mobile food cart that played music and offered fun, wacky flavors of ice cream (including non-dairy options). But, it wasn’t long before their ice cream gained a massive following. Now they have two brick-and-mortar locations, as well as “pop-ups” at other locations.

And, of course, Little Baby’s also has a fleet of four totally custom, ice cream tricycles, which you can find around the city or even order for your own birthday party!

It’s easy to see that hard work and a little creativity can lead to some very delicious results. It’s not delivery or DiGiorno’s—it’s ice cream!

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