You can now visit a museum devoted entirely to pizza

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Pizza lovers, rejoice! There’s finally a space for you to express your love of pizza, and it doesn’t involve your fridge or even a restaurant. This place puts pizza at the forefront in a whole new way: a pop-up museum devoted entirely to honoring pizza.

At The Pizza Experience, every surface pays homage to the perfectly cripsy crust, cheese and toppings that make pizza a thing to be marveled. There are entire rooms dedicated to pizza including a Pizza Night Club room, a Pizza Heaven room, a Pizza Fitness Center and more, according to The Pizza Experience’s official website.

It turns out, it all happened because of a dare between husband and wife.

“The way that we came up with this concept is actually a little funny,” Robin Boytos, CEO and founder of The Pizza Experience, told “Good Morning America.” “My husband loves pizza, and we made a bet if you could eat one forever food for every single meal for the rest of your life what would it be?”

She then challenged her husband to eat only that food. The food he was stuck eating was — you guessed it — pizza.

Surprisingly, he wound up making it 45 days eating only pizza, and he actually lost weight. He went on to write a book about it, and when it came time to market the book, the couple knew exactly what they had to do.

“I was, like ‘how are we going to sell this book? Let’s put it in the gift shop of a pizza museum,'” Boytos told “Good Morning America.” “And [now] we have a pizza museum, that’s how it came to life.”

Pretty crazy, huh?

It’s insane to see what a love of pizza led this couple to dream up. A look at some of what the museum has to offer is available on Instagram. Be warned — this will make you crave a slice:

There’s a Pizza Bedroom where you can catch some ZZZZs. More like piZZZZZa, that is:

The Pizza Gallery room combines your love of art and of course, pizza:

The Fitness Center will have you working out for pizza. It’s a great post-workout meal, after all:

This DJ booth takes the idea of a pizza party to a whole new level:

A bathtub full of pizza? This is a thing of dreams:

This pop-up museum will be available in L.A. through January, and then it heads to Chicago in spring 2019. If you don’t live in those areas, you may want to plan a trip — for pizza, it’s totally worth it! (Additionally, an unrelated pop-up Museum of Pizza is opening in New York City this month.) Tickets are $30 apiece and can be purchased on The Pizza Experience website.

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