Pizza stuffed shells may be your new favorite recipe

What’s the only thing better than pizza? Pizza combined with pasta — that’s what.

This epic meal from Dinner At The Zoo involves stuffing jumbo pasta shells with multiple cheeses and Italian seasoning before topping it all off with pepperoni. From there, you lay the shells in a bed of tomato sauce and try to wait patiently for all of this goodness to melt together in the oven.

Once the heavenly dish is ready to eat, it’ll look a little something like this:

Dinner At The Zoo

According to Dinner At The Zoo, this recipe can be made in advance to save yourself some prep time in the evening, and it’s something both kids and adults will love to eat. So, consider skipping the delivery fee and bake this up next pizza night!

But wait: There’s a whole world of pizza-pasta mash-ups just waiting to be explored. Here are a few examples of how to combine noodles and classic pizza toppings in your kitchen.

A recipe from Damn Delicious combines Italian sausage, pepperoni, rotini noodles and more for a meat lover’s pizza-pasta paradise. As a bonus, it can be mixed together and cooked in the same pot for easy clean-up.

Damn Delicious

You can even whip up a favorite potluck dish, pasta salad, with a pizza twist. This recipe from Life in the Lofthouse walks you through how to combine pepperoni, Italian vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes and more with fusilli pasta to make the perfect combination of pasta salad and classic pizza.

Life in the Lofthouse

And then there’s this casserole from Baking With Mom, which calls for sausage-filled ravioli, hamburger meat, pepperoni and plenty of cheese and pizza sauce. Bake it all together and you’ll have layer upon layer of pizza and pasta flavor packed into every bite.

Baking With Mom

There’s nothing wrong with combining two meals that you and your family will love — especially when those meals are pasta and pizza.