This plane flew a heart-shaped path in honor of Valentine’s Day

Virgin Atlantic Plane Circles Over Gatwick Airport
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Ahh, Valentine’s Day! Love was in the air for this very special holiday when a Virgin Atlantic plane flew a heart-shaped route. The flight was reportedly a test flight with only crew members and no passengers, and it happened to be Valentine’s Day—so it seemed like the perfect time for a pilot to test his capabilities by flying in the shape of a heart. How adorable!

According to the FlightRadar Twitter account, people were able to follow along with the action live as the flight took place on the afternoon of Feb. 14 just outside of Cornwall, England:

And if you didn’t get the chance to follow along with the action, you can see the path the plane flew in a replay online:

Virgin Atlantic also tweeted about the flight using #LoveIsInTheAirBus. So cute!

According to NBC, Cpt. JJ Burrows, the director of Aircraft Operations for Virgin Atlantic, said in a statement that the airline was hoping to “have a little fun” given the date for this flight.

People on Twitter can’t help but comment about how much they loved this Valentine’s-themed flight. Like Twitter user @manj82:

Twitter user @richardbranson wrote that the gesture was “beautiful”:

Ian Waite, the husband of the pilot responsible for flying the plane couldn’t help but gush about the sweet deed online. “So what did your husband do for Valentine’s Day? Well he flew an airplane in a heart shape off the coast of Cornwall,” he wrote:

His pilot husband, Drew Waite, wrote, “A very different day at work!! It was brilliant to do!”

A special day “at the office” indeed!

This isn’t the first time an airline’s done something incredibly touching. Southwest Airlines flew to Puerto Rico and came back with 62 dogs and cats after Hurricane Maria. The animals were taken to a shelter and put up for adoption:

Now, if that’s not heart-warming, we don’t know what is!

Little things like flights full of puppies and hearts being drawn in the sky give us a reason to feel the love on Valentine’s Day. As far as we’re concerned, people can keep the sweet gestures (and desserts) coming!

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