Is The Plant That’s Used To Make Tequila The Secret To Losing Weight?

Who would have thought that tequila could be linked to something as beneficial as weight loss?

Recent research from the American Chemical Society found that a natural sugar called agavgins found in the plant used to make tequila (agave) can help lower blood glucose levels.

Over 26 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, this is especially in beneficial information for them and patients that are obese.

The type of sugar, called agavins, not only may reduce blood glucose levels, but also increases the amount of insulin produced. They are non-digestible and can act as a dietary fiber.

In their study, the researchers found that rats that were fed a regular diet supplemented with agavins ate less, lost weight and reduced their blood glucose levels compared to rats who were feed sweeteners such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, agave syrup, and aspartame.

According to Time, “The effects were stronger than other artificial sweeteners like aspartame and agave syrup. The mice consuming agavins also produced a hormone called GLP-1 that keeps the stomach full longer and produces insulin, which is another reason it could be beneficial for people with diabetes and weight issues.”

However, if it sounds too good to be true that a margarita can help you slim down, it might just be. Although tequila is made from the agavin-filled plant, the agavins are converted to ethanol when the alcohol is made, so they are not found in the final product.

Right now, there’s no real link between drinking tequila and losing weight, but since it comes from a plant that has positive results, there’s no reason why we can’t cheers to one drink!

Photo by sjsharktank