Are Crocs Cool Again? Paris Fashion Week Thinks So

Crocs have never exactly been considered high-fashion. Although beloved by chefs, suburban dads and anyone else who prioritizes comfort and function over style, no one can deny that the shoes leave a lot be desired as far as looking “cool.”

Despite their widespread popularity, Crocs earned the derision of many almost as swiftly as they rose to prominence, eventually becoming what some might call the “Nickleback of the shoe world.” In other words, the fashion gods had spoken, and Crocs are decidedly not in vogue.

However, now a high-end designer is taking a stab to change the image of Crocs. On Oct. 1, Balenciaga debuted platform Crocs during its Paris Fashion Week runway show and they’re actually kind of cute:

The new Crocs appear to be made of the same foam material as the original and feature the shoe’s signature holes around the toe line. Balenciaga’s Crocs also come with a 10-centimeter platform, making them seem much more practical for a model toddling down the runway than a regular person running errands on a weekend afternoon. (And they’re probably still bad for your feet, too.)

Balenciaga does plan to sell platform Crocs to the public. They will reportedly come in a variety of colors, including pink and yellow. The company has not disclosed their retail price, but considering it sells a number of shoes with price tags upwards of $500 and more, we’re guessing the revamped Crocs will not come cheap.

Because the controversial shoe has been so divisive in the past, it’s no surprise that people on social media had a lot to say about the attempt to make the clogs fashion-forward.

Like this fashion journalist who expressed in no uncertain terms that the new shoe was even worse than the original:

While others were just plain confused about the idea:


Finally, still others admitted they were totally here for the designer’s attempt to make Crocs cool:

So what do you think? Are the new platform Crocs super-cute or they a fashion fail? Would you be more likely to wear these instead of regular Crocs?