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Play-Doh Is Now Selling Slime—And Your Kids Are Going To Love It

All of the fun—without all of the mess of homemade slime!

Play-Doh is a childhood classic, and now you can enjoy the play clay in a whole new way. On World Play-Doh Day on Sept. 16, Hasbro announced an assortment of brand-new Play-Doh products — including Play-Doh Slime.

It makes total sense that the brand would get in on the slime craze, and it’s perfect for those who love playing with slime, but don’t want to put in the effort to make it. Plus, clean-up is a whole lot easier!

As of Oct. 1, you can buy three-packs for $3.99 at major retailers such as Target, Five Below and Meijer. Each package has two metallic slimes and one solid-color slime, which come in recyclable containers with lids.


In addition to classic Slime Play-Doh, there are other new textures joining the Play-Doh family, like Krackle Slime, Super Cloud Slime, Putty and Foam.

Krackle has a crunchy sensation when squeezed due to its multi-colored beads that move and pop. You can score two packs of assorted colors of Krackle Slime for $4.99 at Target, Five Below, Joann and Meijer.


Super Cloud Slime has a light, airy texture. This fluffy concoction can be found in one of four color varieties for $4.99.


The new Play-Doh Putty comes in vibrant colors like “Violetium” and “Frostium,” and it’s super-fun to stretch and twist. It retails for $9.99.


And Play-Doh Foam is made of small foam-like beads that make the substance both firm and flexible. It retails for $3.99.


“Looking at key consumer insights over the past couple of years, we have seen a growing desire for new ways for children to express their creativity, and cultural trends, like the viral sensation slime has become amongst today’s kids and tweens, helped inspire the launch for this year,” Adam Kleinman, vice president of global brand marketing at Hasbro, told HuffPost.

Will you try out any of the new Play-Doh products?