Playgrounds For Senior Citizens Are Becoming Popular In The U.S.

There are now playgrounds for senior citizens and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

You read that right. These adult playgrounds were already popular in parts of Europe and Asia, but thanks to several companies intent on building these parks, we’re starting to see the trend pick up in the United States.

It not only promotes health and wellness, but also a spirit of play for all ages. That’s right, outdoor playgrounds for senior citizens are what’s hopefully going to become the next fitness craze.

senior playground photo
Getty Images | Oli Scarff

The equipment is all about low-impact exercise and activities that improve hand-eye coordination. The parks aren’t just for the elderly, either. They’re multigenerational and great for the entire family to enjoy.

“Play is a great connector for adults and seniors and the children in their lives. In addition to the cognitive and physical benefits of play, it can also reduce stress in adults and is proven to help combat toxic stress in kids, ” Sarah Pinsky, director of client services at KaBOOM!, told the Huffington Post.

According to Play By Design, another company building these playgrounds, they’re also great for increase social interaction among seniors.

According to Mental Floss, KaBOOM! has already built 53 parks across America, and hopefully this will only gain momentum and popularity. Because you’re never too old to let yourself feel like a kid again.

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And if swinging on a swing doesn’t take you way back to those childhood years, then I don’t know what will.

[h/t: Mental Floss]