This Playstation alarm clock is a perfect gift for the gamer in your life


Pressing “Start” on your day just became way more fun.

If you’re a gamer — or have one in your life — you’ve got to check out this new alarm clock that’s modeled after a Playstation 4 controller. It will seriously make facing that dreaded boss every day just a little easier.

The Playstation Alarm Clock is made by Paladone, a United Kingdom-based manufacturer that is known for pop culture-inspired items that are perfect for geeks of all kinds, and it is officially licensed by Sony itself. The clock is a spot-on model of a black PS4 controller that’s mounted on a handsome stand.

The time, date and alarm time are displayed on what would be the controller’s touch-pad panel, which is backlit, and it’s powered by USB, with a small port built into the back and a power cable included. The whole thing is totally authentic, even down to the box it comes in, which looks exactly like what a normal PS4 controllers is sold in.


Paladone’s Playstation Alarm Clock can be bought from several online retailers in the U.S. The website Firebox is selling them for $31.99.

If you like your Playstation a little older — and your timepiece a little smaller — you should also check out Paladone’s cool watch that’s modeled after the original Playstation video game console from 1994. It’s not quite a smart watch but it might be even better because it’s like having a little Playstation sitting on your wrist with a classic digital display.

You can buy the Playstation Watch from Merchoid for $26.99 in the U.S.


Of course, if you’d rather eat your video game accessories, you can also buy a Playstation controller that’s made out of chocolate! Even if you buy this one for a non-gamer, they may be confused by the shape but they’ll forget all about it once they take a big bite.


So, if you’re looking to take your morning ritual to the next level, you might try putting the Playstation alarm clock on your bedside table, the Playstation watch on your wrist and a chocolate Playstation controller in your belly. You’d pretty much be unstoppable.

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