This banner is the cutest way to tell your party guests it’s time to go home

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If you are part of the one-third to one-half of the U.S. population who considers themselves to be introverted, you know the conflict of deciding what to do on New Year’s Eve and other special occasions.

Part of you would love nothing more than to get into your favorite pajamas, gather some snacks and watch the ball drop on TV with your main squeeze or even by yourself. Another part of you relishes the idea of dressing up and heading to a festive celebration to ring in the New Year with some of your favorite people. But with the latter option, you run the risk of draining your energy engaging with large crowds or those well-meaning folks who live for small talk.

There is a third option: You could host a party yourself. On the upside, that gives you more control over who attends the get-together and you get to set the tone for the evening. On the downside, you can’t really sneak out of your own soiree. You are pretty much stuck until the last person leaves.

Of course, you could give guests a hint. And by hints, we don’t mean a polite yawn and an, “Oh my, would you look at the time?” We’re talking a vibrant, glimmering, hanging-in-plain-sight tip-off that the party’s over and it’s time to call it a night.

30 Watt


The folks at Hip2Save found the perfect decoration for any social gathering hosted by an introvert (or anyone else who wants or needs to shut things down a little on the early side). It is a “Please Leave by 9” banner in big, bright, bold letters.

While the manufacturer is out of banners until next year, the signs may still be available at Kohl’s locations, but don’t worry if you can’t find one there. Amazon offers a similar version, which is not as glossy as the original but still gets the message across loud and clear. There is also a gold banner that comes with extra numbers, so you can customize your closing time.

And, of course, Etsy has several adorable handmade versions. We love this sparkly banner—perfect for a New Year’s Eve soiree for people who don’t want to make it until midnight!

Party Bloopers

If you really want to commit to being an early bird, you could even hang this needlepoint version on your wall.


Or put the message right on your welcome mat, so no one can say they weren’t warned!