These Awesome Tents Connect To Take Camping To The Next Level

Have you seen the tent city taking the internet by storm? The POD Elite Tent system has people buzzing.

Think tents, only tall, huge and connected. From the looks of it, you and your friends could take your campout to new heights by building an actual tent city with tunnels big enough to walk through.

I’m not a camper, but even I can’t stop watching the promotional video. POD has me wanting to grab my buds, a cooler and some marshmallows, and get out there.

[iframe id=”” parameters=”POD Tents”]

Plus, look at all the people it can fit. Imagine a campout with less than ideal weather conditions—rather than hunkering down in your own tent, you and your village can all hang together.

Pod Inside Tent
POD Tents

The POD Elite Tent system starts at $499 for the POD Tent Mini and goes up from there.

The website touts the Pod Elite system as an “amazing new social camping experience.” And, we have to agree. What do you think about this inventive new tent system?