Pokemon Go Dates May Be The Sweetest Part Of This Pokemon Craze

No doubt you’ve heard about this whole Pokemon Go thing, you know, the phone-based video game that is sweeping the nation? Right, that one.

By latest reports, the game—which gets you off the couch and out into the world around you in search of Pokemon—now has more U.S. users than Twitter does, having already surpassed the wildly popular dating app Tinder several days ago.

The game is causing a number of strange side effects, but the sweetest one so far is that couples are planning dates to go out and play the game together.

Lucky for us, many of these couples are sharing their adventures on social so we can share in their fun.

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It’s been found that couples who “play together stay together,” so a Pokemon Go date with your main squeeze is actually a great way to bond.

In some cases, due to the game’s surging popularity, crashed servers were ruining the fun.

One man even used Pokemon Go as a ruse to propose!

Not only are couples enjoying Pokemon Go together, the game is connect new love interests as well.

Pokemon Go got me a date. from pokemon

Move over “Netflix and chill”—”Pokemon Go and chill” is now a thing.

Whatever your thoughts on the Pokemon Go craze, it’s heartwarming to hear that it’s bringing couples closer and, in some cases, forming new ones.

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