Polaroid Is Back: Take Photos And Print Instantly Without Ink

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Remember the good ol’ days of the Polaroid camera?  There was something great about getting that iconic print immediately after taking a photo.    While the digital age has all but replaced the camera, there are still times when it’s great to have a tangible keepsake of the moment.

Photo by onigiri-kun
Photo by onigiri-kun
Photo by onigiri-kun

The company that invented that camera is still around and it just announced the Polaroid Snap, a new digital camera that can immediately print out photos.   The most interesting thing about the camera is that it doesn’t require ink.

Say what?  No ink?  Yes, that’s right.  Thanks to a new printing technology, developed by ZINK, called Zero Ink, the camera only needs a special printing paper that contains colored crystals.    The printer in the camera then activates the colored crystals to make your photo.   You can buy a 50-pack of ZINK paper for $24.99 at Amazon.

The camera can print out wallet sized photos (2″ x 3″).   It also can function like a traditional digital camera and the images can be downloaded to your computer through its onboard memory card.

Snap will be available at the end of this year and will be available in four colors — black, white, red and blue.  It will cost $99.