This Police Department Is Telling Criminals It’s ‘Too Cold’ For Crimes

As super-cold weather sweeps the nation, particularly in the Midwest, businesses everywhere are closing, while meetings, events and schools are canceled.

Another thing that’s canceled during the cold snap? Criminal activity, according to police departments across the country. Law enforcement officials say it’s simply too cold to go outside for anything right now, including illegal activity.

Citing the severe weather, the Madison, Wisconsin, Police Department issued an announcement on social media declaring that it was “canceling all felony misdemeanor activities.” In lieu of criminal activity, the department suggests that would-be criminals “stay inside and read, watch Netflix or go on Madison Area Crime Stoppers and help catch other criminals, anything, but for the love of polar bears, do not go outside and commit crimes.”

Check out their whole cheeky post on Facebook below:

Alongside the announcement, they posted a photo of a weather app indicating that the temperature was -24 in their city. People found the post pretty funny, and it has since gone viral.

“This is so awesome!” reads one comment. “LOL ! Love it, and you all are amazing at what you do. Thank you sincerely for your dedication and bravery 24/7!”

The Wisconsin police force is not the only department to announce that crime is canceled due to the extreme cold. The police department in Moline, Illinois, issued a similar warning on Facebook, complete with a screenshot indicating below-zero temperatures in the region:

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, Police Chief Andrew Smith joked that the ban was meant to protect criminals from the elements but was quick to add that criminal activity should also be avoided “during all other times”:

Too funny! Have you seen a ban on criminal activity due to the cold?