This Video of a Spanish Police Dog Practicing ‘CPR’ Is Going Viral

If you’re looking for a little something to brighten your mood, look no further than this viral video featuring Poncho, a bomb-sniffing dog who works for the police force in Madrid, Spain.

In the adorable video, Poncho can be seen practicing his CPR skills on a police officer. Although Poncho seems to know all the moves associated with CPR, his performance was mainly intended to entertain some students visiting the police force, as it’s unlikely that he could put adequate pressure on a human’s breastbone to successfully perform CPR.

Still, no one can deny that this pup imitating the procedure is absolutely delightful! Check out the video posted by the Madrid police force:

Although Poncho probably won’t save anyone’s life using CPR, his video has made quite the impression, with nearly three million views and 16,000 retweets.

Poncho’s heroic act was more of an adorable gimmick than a lifesaving measure, but police dogs can be successfully trained to carry out a number of important duties, such as sniffing out drugs, tracking missing people and apprehending criminals.

Even when they don’t have formal training, our furry friends can be life-saving in an emergency. Recently, a heroic dog stepped in to save the day when an apartment building caught fire in Stockton, California. Other pups have been credited with protecting lost children, saving a family from a rattlesnake attack and saving a baby deer from drowning.

We’re so glad our canine companions are there to lend a helping hand when we need it most!