This police officer became friends with a boy who called 911 because he was lonely

Police officers are ready to respond to 911 calls at any time for any reason. So, when a 6-year-old boy from Tallahassee, Florida, dialed the emergency number, Officer Joe White raced to the scene. Much to his relief, the boy was safe. Somehow, the young man was able to call 911 without his parents’ knowledge. So, why did he call the police?

It turns out all the little boy wanted was a friend, and who better than a police officer?

Officer White could have been upset with the boy for making the call. Instead, he took the opportunity to connect with the child. The Tallahassee police department posted photos of Officer White and his new friend:

“Officer White arrived on scene and the young man asked Officer White to be his friend because he was lonely,” said the department’s official Facebook page. “Officer White took the time to explain how 911 is used and how it’s for emergencies. Then Officer White said he’d always be a friend!”

Officer White not only reminded the boy about the importance of using 911 correctly but also had some fun with him while he was at the house. He gave the young man a new stuffed animal to keep him company whenever he felt lonely. Then, he helped tie the little boy’s shoes and then asked if he wanted to check out the squad car. You can imagine the boy’s excitement at this offer!

The boy got to sit in the police car’s driver seat and even work the lights and siren. It was a moment he likely will never forget, and one that forged a special friendship between him and the kind officer.

Officer White’s colleagues at the Tallahassee police department praised his response to the unusual situation.

“Officer White did a phenomenal job answering this 911 call and using it as an opportunity to be a positive mentor,” department officials told People. “He understood the caller was a child who needed a buddy or a friend to understand.”

We think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!