Police Officers Rescued A Freezing Kitten Trapped Under A Car

A tiny kitten survived a harrowing journey trapped underneath a car traveling from Brooklyn to Harlem in New York City. The feline got trapped underneath a Volkswagen SUV and was rescued from peril by some of New York’s finest.

The driver was cruising on the Jackie Robinson Parkway on Dec. 18 when he saw the cat crossing the street. He stopped to avoid hitting it, but could not spot the kitten anywhere. When he arrived at his destination, he heard the cat meowing and realized it was trapped underneath his vehicle.

Luckily, the driver was able to flag down Officer George Mastrokostas, who enlisted the help of his fellow officers from the NYPD’s 32nd precinct to use a car jack to extricate the kitten from the vehicle’s undercarriage.

The adorable kitten had survived an 18-mile journey in freezing temperatures with strong wind gusts. The NYPD tweeted about the incident, and shared a photo of the rescue mission in action, along with a shot of the officers with the kitten once it was safely removed:

“#NYPD rescued this #kitten trapped in the undercarriage of this vehicle,” read the caption. “Not a good place for a #catnap, especially when we are experiencing #CodeBlue. With the help of @NYPDSchools, @NYPDSpecialops & 32 Pct Patrol this kitten is safe in a #Harlem #animalrescue #shelter.”

Aww, how sweet!

The lucky cat was named Chance, after Sgt. Christopher Chance, one of the police officers who rescued her. Although she was cold and scared, Chance was unharmed. As the tweet indicates, she is now safe and sound at a shelter in Harlem. Here’s hoping that it won’t be long until she finds her forever home.

We’re so glad that Chance survived against all odds. Apparently cats really do have nine lives!

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