Italian Police Find Lonely Elderly Couple, Cook Them Spaghetti To Feel Better

You are an Italian police officer who responds to a call and finds an elderly couple crying from loneliness. What do you do?

You cook them dinner, of course.

So goes this sweet story from Rome about four police officers who received a call about a couple crying and shouting in their apartment. The officers who showed up found 89-year-old Jole and her 94-year-old husband, Michele, in their small apartment. The couple had become distraught after watching bad news on TV, and apparently Jole had cried so loudly that someone in the building called the police.

Questura di Roma

Jole and Michele told the officers that they hadn’t had a visitor in a long time, their neighbors were away on vacation and they were very lonely. What happened next is straight out of a movie: While they waited for an ambulance to check on the couple, who’ve been married for nearly 70 years, the officers made them some spaghetti with butter and cheese. Because the way to the heart is through the stomach, after all.

Questura di Roma

The Roman police shared their story on Facebook (click “See More” to read the English translation):

When in Rome…