This amazing pool float is shaped like a bean bag chair and it glows from the inside

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The hardest thing about pool floats is figuring out how to get on them without getting soaking wet. You’ve also got the classic get-in-the-pool-first maneuver where you try to roll your way onto the pool float from beneath the water — but that’s far from the relaxing lounge session you had in mind.

Thankfully now there’s a float that’s more like a floating bean bag chair than a raft, meaning your summer style just got a little easier to manage.

Frontgate is selling an inflatable lounge chair that allows you to sit upright and still float along with your friends in the pool. Even cooler — these floats have glowing lights inside of them so you can keep the pool party going, even at night. Check it out below!


Doesn’t it kind of remind you of these ’90s bad boys:

bean bag chair photo
Flickr | Peter Kaminski

OK, so what’s the catch? Unfortunately, this awesome float isn’t cheap — ringing in at $129 — but considering it’s got an air pump that inflates it for you (that’s managed by a remote control), you may just be willing to splurge on this summertime item.

Plus, there’s the glow factor to consider. According to Frontgate, it can light up in one of 12 fixed colors or go between red, blue and green in flash mode:

Other Awesome Floats

And if you happen to love the idea of owning the title of “Most Amazing Pool Float” all summer long, then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty more awesome options out there.

For instance, you can have a built-in companion with the inflatable hunk:

NPW / Amazon

Or cruise across the water in style with a retro convertible pool float:


But, again — if you’re all about sitting upright in the pool, it’s probably best to stick with the one that’s shaped like a seat.

The outrageous pool float trend apparently isn’t going anywhere so shop your favorites and let the summertime fun begin!