This pool float lets women sunbathe comfortably on their stomachs

Lounging poolside or on the beach is supposed to be comfortable and relaxing. But with unforgiving plastic pool chairs or the hard ground as options to spread yourself out on this summer, you may find the experience a little less than stress-relieving. That’s where these pool floats come in!

If any of you ladies out there have ever tried to sunbathe on a pool float while laying on your stomach, then you know just how uncomfortable it can be — especially in the chest region. But the Lilo float by the brand Bravissimo is here to solve all of your sunbathing woes! You see, it has a cut-out designed to cradle your breasts rather than crush them.

So basically, these “cup holders” are the best thing to happen to your front side.

Meet your new favorite summer accessory:


Here’s the Lilo in action:


It’s pretty genius, huh?


The float started out as an April Fool’s joke, but when the brand saw that women actually wanted such a product, they made it a reality.

“[The idea of the float] made us giggle in the office, and made the bigger-boobed among us sigh … if only! And that’s as far as it would go… or so we thought,” the Bravissimo website reads. “Your reaction was overwhelming! Hundreds of you got in touch to tell us that you really loved the idea and you wished it wasn’t a joke. You even had visions of bringing it to your next massage appointment, or using it as an airbed to get the best night’s sleep ever, as well as using it while rocking a bikini!”

Thus, the greatest poolside invention for women was born! And now you can purchase this pool float for just $45 on the Bravissimo website.

Part of the reason women were so excited about this product is because nothing quite like it exists already. Sure, there are pool floats that make tanning on your front side a little easier. This is practically a blow-up mattress made for the water, for example:

In The Swim

But getting some sun on your back side would prove tricky (and pretty uncomfortable) even in something as luxurious as this.

While Bravissimo is known for making lingerie, sportswear, activewar and swimwear, clearly, they’ve got a knack for this pool float business, too.

So, what do you think? Will you get a Lilo for yourself and all of your girl friends? These could be perfect for a bachelorette party on the beach or a trip to the local pool.

Here’s to the best summer yet for you (and your gals) — if you know what we mean!