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Just Try Not To Giggle When Baking These Poop Emoji Cookies

They're too cute to be gross!

Let’s be real: Kids love poop. They love talking about it and joking about it, and the more parents and adults cringe, the more they love to tease us.

And of course, this also means kids love the poop emoji. A comical cartoon of a smiling piece of poop — what’s not to love?

But it’s not just kids who love the poop emoji. In fact, the emoji is one of the most popular of all time, and it has been described as “ineffably charming.” Meaning, it’s just … cool sh**.

Fortunately, there are plenty of recipes to assist you in creating your own delicious poop emoji cookies! This recipe from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons makes it simple for you to bake and shape your own ‘poop’ cookies:

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Eggs whites and cream of tartar help to form stiff peaks which make it easier to create little poop shapes, and the edible eyeballs are a perfect match for the emoji’s big eyes.

If you are more of a cupcake family, then try this recipe from Confessions of A Cookbook Queen. Blogger Kristan uses candy melts and candy eyes to create the poop emoji’s adorable face:

Confessions of A Cookbook Queen

Or, if you don’t have much free time (or much desire to shape dough into poop balls), then you can just order poop emoji cookies from Etsy! A store called MJCookiesConfections sells poop emoji cookies at $30 a dozen.

Etsy, MJCookiesConfections

Or try an order from Arya’s Cookies on Etsy, which are $25 a dozen.

Arya's Cookies

Do you think poop emoji cookies are cute, or classless? Would you let your kids bring these to a party, or do you think poop jokes are in bad taste?

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