Pop-Up Houses Can Build Themselves In Less Than 10 Minutes

This takes pre-fab to a whole new level.

The pop-up houses from Ten Fold Engineering could redefine homes for the future. These structures unfold themselves in less than 10 minutes to reveal approximately 689 square feet of modern amenities.

According to Curbed, all you need is a hand-held, battery powered drill to get this thing going. It’s sort of like a wind up car but, you know, so much better.

Unfolding A New Home

This is certainly a more grown-up version of the toy, at least, and you have the folks from the UK-based Ten Fold Engineering company to thank for your latest obsession.

But, how does it work exactly? According to the website, it’s “simple.”

Steps include:

  • “The roofs are raised to an horizontal position by a winch or counterbalance,” and
  • The Ten Fold side extension levers move outwards by gravity.”

You can find a full list of details available on the website for further explanation.

When you see it in action, you’ll really be blown away. If you thought buying real estate was cool—then you’re going to love this.

Pop-Up Homes Have Multiple Functions

These structures are designed to be uses as homes, restaurants, on-site medical facilities or anything you could need a sturdy space for.

Builders can use them to add square footage to an existing space. And with the furniture compacted inside, they’re ready to go as soon as you open them.

The adaptable walls allows you to customize the insides anyway you want. Plus, the exterior isn’t bad to look at, either.

The homes appear modern, and there are plenty of designs from which to choose. So, you’re bound to find one you’d like.

How Much Will Pop-Up Houses Cost?

But, are they affordable? You might imagine a pop-up house of the future would come with a hefty price tag, right?

Surprisingly, we learned that these go for a starting price of approximately $129,000.

According to the manufacturer’s website, these should be ready to ship out in 2018. You can check back on the website to see a list of pricing by the end of July 2017, or so the company expects.

So, future home buyers: would you consider pop-up houses? We say, why not?