The Pope Wants Us All to Drink More Wine

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Pope Francis wants us all to drink more wine. Yes, you heard that right: more merlot for everyone. In a recent speech in St. Petersburg Square, the Pope told thousands of pilgrims that wine is an essential tool for celebration (no disagreement here).

While you can’t live without water, “wine expresses the abundance of the banquet and the joy of the feast,” Francis said in his speech. “A wedding feast lacking wine embarrasses the newlyweds—imagine finishing the wedding feast drinking tea? It would be an embarrassment!”

Before his speech, the Pope met a group of couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries.

“That’s the good wine of the family!” he told them. “Yours is a witness that the newlyweds I’ll greet after and the youth must learn. It’s a beautiful witness. Thank you for your testimony!”

Pope Francis continued to discuss how wine is “necessary for the feast” and that Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine was far more than just a miracle, but in fact an invitation to take part in the celebration and abundance of the new covenant.

Without delving too far into religious ideology, however, the point is this: Wine makes any situation into a cause for celebration and happiness. Whether you prefer Montepulciano or Gewürztraminer, drink with joy and appreciation. The Pope says so.

Photo by KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea