This Is The Most Popular Engagement Ring On Pinterest

When it comes to wedding and engagement inspiration, there’s hardly a better place to search for ideas than on Pinterest.

Given how many rings are circulating on Pinterest, it’s a pretty big deal that this engagement ring has been pinned more than any other. In fact it has been pinned now more than 78,000 times, as of publication, and it’s no wonder. With all it’s fine details and intricacies, this ring brings a modern twist to a classic elegant look.

If you peer closely you will see roping detail that edges the ring, a cascading design of lace embellishments and a small accent diamond centered directly under the center stone. Attention to detail is what creates such an elaborate profile for this piece. Here it is from a different view:

Raymond Lee Jewelers

The ring is created by Diamonds by Raymond Lee as part of their Verragio Venetian Collection.

The setting starts at $4,300, however this is simply for the mounting. In other words you will still need to purchase that center diamond.

The jeweler does, however, offer customization to fit the diamond of your choice.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Whether you’re looking for your own engagement ring inspiration or simply love looking at the latest wedding trends, the next step is to start looking for dresses, hairstyles and all the other countless visual elements of a wedding day.

Old-School Wedding Traditions That Should Make A Comeback

Trends come and go (just think of all the mason jars and dessert stations that you’ve seen at weddings in recent years!). But, if you want your wedding to be more timeless than trendy, consider incorporating some of classic wedding traditions that have been in hiding for years.

1. Tying The Knot

It turns out there is deep symbolism behind the phrase “tying the knot.” It refers to an old Irish and Scottish ritual called hand-fasting. The officiant ties the couple’s hands together with a brightly colored ribbon or cord. The rope symbolizes that the couple is bound together with an eternal bond. Hand-fasting is popular in European weddings—Prince William and Kate Middleton even incorporated it into their royal wedding ceremony.

handfasting photo
Flickr | ms2855a

2. Wedding Bells

The church bells tolling at the beginning and/or end of a wedding ceremony was once thought to ward off any evil or negative spirits. As many wedding ceremonies have moved out of the church and fewer churches seem to have bells, this tradition has fallen by the wayside. But don’t give up on this one yet.

The original Celtic tradition involved a smaller bell that was rung at the end of the ceremony. The bell was then brought to the couples’ new home and whenever tensions arose (as often they do with newlyweds) the bell (like the one below from Celtic Jewelry) was to be rung to restore the marriage commitment and break off the negativity of the argument.

Crystal Classics

3. Sixpence In Your Shoe

Most of us are familiar with the rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” But, not as many are aware of the last line, “and a sixpence in her shoe.”  The sixpence was given by a father to the bride to symbolize all the blessings he had for her. By giving her the sixpence, he was symbolically wishing her great health, wealth and happiness that could be passed down with the coin from generation to generation. So sweet!

sixpence shoe photo
Flickr | Tim Green aka atoach

4. Money Dances

This is a custom that comes in several different forms depending on the culture of the bride and groom. In Poland, the bride will dance with different guests as they take turns pinning money to her. It is sometimes called the apron dance as brides would wear aprons in order to save their gowns from pin holes. At an Italian wedding, you may see the bride carrying a silk bag and when guests come to dance with her they put money into the bag. The Phillipines, Mexico and several other countries also have their own version of the money dance.


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