These Are The Most Popular Interior Design Styles And Colors On Instagram

Remember back in the day, when you were trying to decide how to redecorate, you’d head to the paint store, load up on swatches, fan them out and debate them—in person— with friends and family? This process, along with so many others, has more or less gone digital. Now we just show people our ideas on our smartphones and solicit opinions on social media.

Online home retailer Wayfair wanted to see just how popular interior design actually is on Instagram, so they looked at 75,000 posts with the “interiordesign” hashtag. The posts they reviewed were from North America, and a lot of interesting themes were discovered. Here’s a fascinating infographic recap of the most popular designs and colors.

These Are The States And Provinces That Had The Most Interior Design Instagram Posts

If your first thought here was New York, you’re right—they had the most, with 288.9 posts per 100,000 residents. Ontario took second place, with 267.5 posts per 100,000 residents. Fun fact: Wayfair pointed out that Florida ranked sixth, even though it’s one of a few states where you cannot actually do commercial interior design without a license. Who knew, right?


These Are The Top 10 Interior Design Colors

When it comes to interior design, there’s probably no component more important or impactful than color. And there are so many factors and personal preferences to take into consideration when choosing: What do you do when you want light colors but your partner wants dark ones? Which colors will open up the room more? Which colors maximize resale potential? So which colors did the Instagram world choose? White won, with blue coming in second. Here’s a look at the complete top 10.


What About Style?

So which interior design styles are proving most popular on Instagram these days? Vintage was tops, with Midcentury Modern coming in second. Take a look at the rest of the list here.


What Colors And Styles Are The Most Popular In Certain Cities?

New Yorkers tend to favor a vintage look and white, while Portlanders like pink with their vintage. See how some other major cities stack up here.


Check out more of the results of Wayfair’s study here.