The Most Popular Salad Recipes From Food Bloggers

When it comes to summery foods, salads often take the cake. They’re light, healthy, and filled with seasonal produce, making them a great choice for a warm day or night. However, it’s easy to get sick of just plain old leafy greens, so why not opt for a dish that’s more interesting?

I reached out to five¬†food bloggers to find out which salad recipes are the most popular on their blog. Their recipes will be sure to provide some excitement for your summer meals, and they’re healthy to boot!

1. Raw Spiralized Thai Salad

Cold noodles are a great summer staple, but you can make them even healthier by making a noodle salad made with spiralized cucumber and daikon.

Strength and Sunshine

Recipe: Strength and Sunshine

2. Spicy Apple And Chickpea Salad

Add a little texture and sweetness to your salads with this kale dish that’s topped with apples, walnuts and chickpeas.

Sprint 2 The Table

Recipe: Sprint To The Table

3. Kale, Cranberry, And Almond Quinoa Salad

Superfoods galore! This salad is nutritious, crunchy, and lemony, and it makes a great choice for an on-the-go lunch or picnic.

Hungry By Nature

Recipe: Hungry By Nature

4. Steak Cobb Salad

Cobb salad is good on its own, but when it’s summer, you’ll want to grill. Cue the steak addition.

The Lean Green Bean

Recipe: The Lean Green Bean

5. Shrimp Chopped Salad With Citrus Cilantro Vinaigrette

Nothing screams summer quite like citrus and seafood. This shrimp-filled salad is tossed in a citrus cilantro vinaigrette, giving it tons of herbaceous flavor.

Peanut Butter Fingers

Recipe: Peanut Butter Fingers